Top Places to Study, Caffeine Included


1.People’s Place

Hendricks Chapel

Beneath the floors of Hendricks Chapel lies a hidden gem known as People’s Place. The bagels are self-serve with Philadelphia cream cheese packets, so if you are not into manual labor or are looking for a more glamorous bagel presentation experience, it is best to look elsewhere. There is an assortment of baked goods including muffins, donuts, and croissants along with snacks of the breakfast persuasion such as yogurt and fresh fruit. However, the real game changer within this modest menu is the availability of Coca-Cola. In fact, People’s Place is the only location on campus that sells Coke products. In terms of coffee, the “Austin Powers” has proven to be one of the most popular drinks. It is half coffee and half hot chocolate, ideal for those who want a kick of caffeine without the bitter taste. Cashier Rebekah Roberts explains the benefits of studying in People’s Place, “It’s different from the library, which can sometimes feel claustrophobic. The friendly atmosphere we have here puts everyone in a good mood.” People’s Place is also a coffee shop that will not break your bank (side-eye to Starbucks). Although the sizes run small, a large cup of coffee still comes in under $2. Regardless of the beverages and food, People’s Place is also a quality venue for studying since it is adjacent to the Noble Room, which has a variety of plush chairs surrounding two large circular tables along with couches.


2. Recess Coffee

110 Harvard Place

This is a café right out of a hipster’s wildest dreams. Westcott is saturated by a variety of restaurants, but if buckling down with a toasted avocado bagel and diverse spectrum of tea sounds appealing, make sure to check out this spot. The wooden porch exterior immediately communicates that this is not an average coffee shop, which is further proved upon exploration inside. The quirky mixture of furniture, bar height tables, and friendly atmosphere has developed Recess into a premiere study location. The front room is quite open, providing ample space for a group meeting, while the smaller back room lends itself to independent work or a smaller cluster of friends. The local art displayed throughout Recess contributes to its low-key, funky vibe. A Recess barista stated, “We have a calm atmosphere and keep the music low enough to work.” When the weather permits, the front porch of Recess is available for use. It is even open until 12 AM, convenient if work drags you deeper into the night. There are some innovative drinks as well, such as the “Dirty Chai” consisting of chai tea with a shot of expresso. Overall, this cozy café is well worth the hike to Westcott.


3. Panasci

Schine Student Center

Did you take nap-time for granted in pre-school? Look no further than Panasci in the Schine Student Center to make up for lost time. Panasci is quite simply the most centrally located study hub on campus and has a myriad of cool gray couches to satisfy your chaise lounging needs. A power nap can recharge any sleep deprived student for another round of textbook cramming or essay production. Even more coveted than the couches are the grand chairs lining the window wall facing University Avenue, a prime location for people watching and capturing a campus Instagram. In terms of sustenance, Panasci is just a staircase away from the Schine food court. A Dunkin Donuts coffee or veggie quesadilla is moments away. However, there are peak hours in Panasci in which finding an available couch, chair, or desk is a pipe dream. In order to avoid the crowds, it is best to swing by on the weekends or after 5 PM on the weekdays.


4. Phoebe’s

900 East Genesee Street

Phoebe’s is an upscale venue to meet one’s studying needs. The Coffee Lounge provides an open space with comfortable seating arrangements. Employee Angie Knox believes that Phoebe’s is one of the best places to work off campus due to its refined accommodations, “We have a lounge area that is Wi-Fi capable with several couches.” Not to mention the fact that the muffins are homemade. The attached dining room offers an array of elegantly plated seasonal dishes. The restaurant and café is a natural combination. So if you’re looking to treat yourself to a sit-down meal following a session of hard labor in the Coffee Lounge, this is definitely the place to be.


5. Café Kubal

720 University Avenue

Welcome to the caffeine capital of Marshall Square Mall. Café Kubal is the independent answer to the corporate giant of Starbucks, its neighboring competitor. Although seating is limited, especially during the day, the range of furniture complements its location next to 3fifteen, a popular thrift shop. The bohemian environment of Café Kubal is vibrant with flyers plastered all over the bulletin board and wooden table seating a variety of students and Syracuse locals. Due to its modest size, the noise level can reach a loud volume and be disruptive to those prefer a quieter place to study. However, one of the defining feature of this shop is its commitment to philanthropy. In fact, 8% of every purchase benefits the Rescue Mission, an organization that aims to provide support for the Syracuse community and provide solutions to eradicating homelessness. This is a café with an ethical edge and tasty coffee to boot.