Get Veggie With It

How do you survive on carrot sticks? Don’t you suffer from a lot of deficiencies, you know, being vegetarian and all? Oh, you eat eggs and no meat? Doesn’t that make you a vegan then?

I can only sigh and attempt to explain what vegetarianism is. Eventually, it becomes both frustrating and tiresome to tell people that I am not vegan, but vegetarian because there is, in fact, a difference.

To those who have asked a vegetarian probing questions like the ones above, made assumptions about vegetarianism, or are simply curious about it, try being vegetarian for a day. I promise, the food is delicious and the options are so vast that you may never go back to a boring old hamburger again!

In Syracuse, the restaurant industry is realizing that more and more people are beginning to enjoy vegetarian food. I took it upon myself to go out and try a few of the best vegetarian/vegan restaurants Syracuse has to offer. Here they are, ranked in order from lowest rating to the highest.

My recommendation for an amazing experience, are the Dosa Grill and Munjed’s Mediterranean. The reason is simple: the cuisines they serve are traditionally known to include vegan and vegetarian options, so your meal would not be a meat-free compromise, but an actual authentic culinary experience.

Strong Hearts is a good option if fusion food and vegan versions of your classic favorites is your thing. The other good thing about Strong Hearts is that it’s milkshakes are loved by many, even though they are vegan. This is a place to definitely try if you are unsure of where to begin as a vegan or a vegetarian, or if you are looking to convert a hardcore carnivore to the ways of “the greens.”

Neither Alto Cinco nor New Garden are not vegan or vegetarian restaurants but, they do have a relatively wide selection of vegetarian options. However, they are on this list simply because they are among the few mainstream restaurants where you can follow the vegan/vegetarian diet without appearing to be too fussy, a common complaint people often have about their vegan/vegetarian friends.

Check these veggie-friendly restaurants out to find out which one makes your tastebuds sing. And hey, you may even say goodbye to meat for good.