How to Replicate the Style of Your Favorite Female Leads

We watch our favorite female icons on TV every week, but let’s be honest, we definitely want to be them and some of these leading ladies for sure know a thing or two about how to dress. Read below for tips on how to get the look from some of your favorite female leads.

Rachel Green from Friends

Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green #FRIENDS

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Who doesn’t want to dress like Rachel Green? Even after moving to a new city with no money and no friends (yet), she still kills it and becomes the epitome of ’90s style. Go grab some cute tees, silky slip dresses, and crisp white sneakers because the 90s are back just as Rachel Green did it. Keeping a neutral palette can help everything be cohesive, especially if you’re truly looking to recreate Green’s style.

Olivia Pope from Scandal

olivia pope

Olivia Pope can save the world, date the president, and be a girl boss all without breaking a nail. Channeling her clean-cut, sophisticated style can definitely help you feel confident and powerful during your summer internship or future job. This is all about the fit of your dress and knowing exactly how to accent your body. Try to stay away from anything too short or too tight. To complete the look splurge on a killer bag that’s practical and stylish.

Mindy Lahiri from The Mindy Project

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From scrubs to stilettos, Mindy Lahiri always rocks a young, slightly retro style full of bold prints and colors. Mindy teaches us that your wardrobe is just another way to express your personality, which she has a lot of. To replicate her look, start with a graphic print and incorporate color throughout with a fun bag or bright jacket. Mindy is not afraid to take risks with her style, so we could all be a little bolder and a little brighter.

Jess Day from New Girl

Jess may be from Oregon, but she handles the big city like a champ! #NewGirl

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Jess Day proves that quirky can always be super cute. Jess flaunts her girly style without letting the boys in her life boss her around. To channel Jess’ style, it’s all about the layers and pattern mixing. Choose similar color palettes to make sure not to clash, then focus on combining small and big prints for a fun, playful look.

Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl

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No offense to Serena van der Woodsen, but Blair Waldorf was the real queen of the Upper East Side. Who else can rock the perfect preppy outfit while facing her problems head on? This look calls for some preppy basics like button down shirt or tweed skirt topped off with a headband and the perfect set of pearls.


By Allie Lewandowski