Meet the Staff

Since its debut at Syracuse University in 1998, 360 Degrees has always strived to achieve a balance between tradition and change. Founded by Lanre Mayen Gaba as a new lens to view culture, 360 has a different focus, format, and feel than its predecessors. Through the years, the magazine has become a general interest publication with a cultural twist, dedicated to informing students about issues on campus, in the community, and in the whole world at large.

Editor in Chief: Molly Bolan –

Executive Editor: Shanyah Saunders –

360 Editor: Lauren Stickily –

Front of Book: Shanyah Saunders

Design Director: Samuel Luo

Features Editor: Madison Snyder –

Public Relations: Samuel Luo

Photo Editor: Emma Wishnow –

Web Editor: Hanna Martin –

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