Letter from the Editor // Spring 2016

The following feature appears in the Spring 2016 issue of Medley Magazine.


One thing is certain: Medley looks different this semester. Designers experimented with white space, and writers drafted creative nonfiction pieces. Look to the right, and you may not recognize all the names on the masthead this time around.

This issue is all about change. We share stories about individuals who use their voices to challenge social norms, like the students advocating for safer communities on college campuses nationwide (14) and the girls embracing their natural hair texture despite European beauty standards (20). And if you want your voice to matter in spaces like national politics, consider casting your ballot (2).

I’m a sophomore, and already college has taught me that change is inevitable. This semester and this issue only prove that more times than not, change can be a good thing. Had Medley not taken a chance on its new staff members and mixed the old with the new, this issue would not have reached its full potential. I’m glad to say it did.


Victoria Rodriguez

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