Are protein-packed veggie puffs *really* healthy?

By: Megan Falk Puffed snacks have long been synonymous with the vibrant, tangy cheddar spheres that stained your fingertips orange, during after-school picnics and soiled your pajamas at fifth-grade slumber parties. The excessive salt content inevitably brought stomach pains and regret, and the beloved munchie slowly slipped out of your life. But thankfully, as you […]

The Very Best of Organic Beauty

By: Meaghanne O’Connell – It’s no secret organic products are beneficial for us.When it comes to beauty, we can help make the planet a better place while also looking and feeling gorgeous. Organic beauty products cut out any synthetic fragrances and dyes, which tends to irritate the skin and scalp, leaving you vulnerable to breakouts. […]