Raising the Next Generation of Men

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“It’s not your fault!” exclaims Victoria Mescall, a former resident advisor, sorority member, and current sorority house mom. As a domestic violence activist, Mescall makes sure no one feels responsible for their own abusive experience. “Even if I say it a hundred more times, even if I say it every day until I die, there’s […]

How to Be an Ally in Times of Unrest (and Always)

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In case you have managed to miss it, here’s the short rundown of #NotAgainSU, a Black student-led movement at Syracuse University. According to organizers, they are “protesting the racial incidents that have been occurring on Syracuse U’s campus because they are being swept under the rug by administration.” The movement has occupied Crouse-Hinds Hall, the […]

9 TV Shows for Strong, Independent Women

By: Alexis Stackhouse – Want to find shows that portray strong, independent women? We’ve got a list for you. (1) Girlboss Available on: Netflix Grilboss, loosely inspired by real-life businesswoman Sophia Amoruso, follows the rise of her multi-million dollar fashion empire, Nasty Gal. Britt Robertson plays the starring role of Sophia, a rebellious, broke, innovative […]

6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting an Interracial Relationship

By: Ashley Simone Johnson – Relationships are more than a physical and emotional attraction. In order to strengthen the connection with your partner, you must know where they come from, how they treat people, and which sacrifices they’re willing to make for you. When you meet people who come from a similar background and upbringing, […]