#NoFilter as the Culture of Social Media Slowly Shifts Towards Authenticity

A young woman scrolls through Instagram. Each picture she likes is of a different model, celebrity, influencer, or friend edited to perfection. Some photos show airbrushed skin and flawless smiles; others highlight slender legs and toned stomachs. Although the posts are all edited differently, each one shows a warped reality that strays further from the […]

The Demise of Pepe the Frog

Originally of MySpace fame, the awkward green amphibian known as Pepe—or “Sad Frog” as he’s called in creator Matt Furie’s 2005 comic series “Boy’s Club”—has landed in some hot water this election year. The character exploded on the Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook scene back in 2014 as a meme frogifying innocent and funny scenarios that […]