Anxious? There’s an App for That

Photo by ROBIN WORRALL on Unsplash

Modern stressors require modern solutions. Feeling overwhelmed is basically in a college student’s job description. Juggling classes, a social life, and extracurriculars while attempting to get enough exercise and sleep is almost an impossible task—not to mention the stress of an impending graduation and subsequent catapulting into the “real world.” So, how do you cope? […]

Are protein-packed veggie puffs *really* healthy?

By: Megan Falk Puffed snacks have long been synonymous with the vibrant, tangy cheddar spheres that stained your fingertips orange, during after-school picnics and soiled your pajamas at fifth-grade slumber parties. The excessive salt content inevitably brought stomach pains and regret, and the beloved munchie slowly slipped out of your life. But thankfully, as you […]