How to Get Over Your Gym-timidation

By: Jenna Satell –

As holiday season approaches rapidly, you decide it’s probably time to finally hit to the gym. . . for the first time this semester. The thought of muscly guys dripping sweat everywhere in the weight room is daunting to say the least, and finding an open treadmill? Forget about it.

The anticipation of going to the gym for the first time can be frightening, but we’re here to help you through. Whether you’re feeling out of shape, unsure of how to use the equipment, or just don’t want to see your classmates, you can and will conquer your gym-timidation.

Before you head out the door, throw on your finest gym attire. Instead of putting on the first thing you see, wear on something you feel like you could run a marathon in. When you look good, you feel good. Confidence will help you bust into the gym, ready for an intense weights session or some sweat-worthy cardio. Whether you feel your best in a ragged t-shirt and shorts, or prefer a trendy sports bra and leggings, rock your favorite outfit and work out in style.

Once you’ve donned your best gym gear, prepare your workout. Know what you want to achieve — tone up, sweat a ton, work on endurance — and set a schedule.  If you know you want to tone your arms but are hesitant around the testosterone-laden weight section, go on YouTube and find some mini-workouts. Write them down in the notes in your phone, and check off each exercise as you go. Instagram also offers a plethora of fitness videos, which you can save for easy access during your workout. You’ll know exactly where you want to go and what to do, making you look like a seasoned pro.

Always prepare a hype playlist before you get to the gym. Listening to music that makes you feel bad-ass will make you super confident conquering your workout.  Get excited about your playlist, and make sure it lasts for the duration of your workout so that you don’t ditch the gym early.

Everyone is at the gym for the same reason you are, so remember no one is judging you. Getting your sweat on should be dedicated time for self-improvement. Focus on you and get your gains!