5 Protective Styles for Natural Hair You Can Try This Winter

By: Blessing Emole –

For natural girls who live in cold cities, you know the stress we have to go through to keep our hair looking healthy and moisturized. With the rain, snow, and wind heading our way, the normal “wash-n-go” is just not going to cut it.

Since the overall goal is length and health, here are five protective styles that won’t leave your hair damaged and running for its life. Think about the versatility, maintenance, and cost. But remember to stay moisturized because winter breakage is real.

1)    Box Braids

Our old friend. Yes, everyone has a story about box braids whether good or bad, but it will never go out of style. It ‘s simple, classic, and elegant. With the abundance of color choices, this style brings nothing but fun. Just don’t forget to take care of your roots when you embark on a box braid journey.

2)    Wigs

Wigs in the past couple of seasons have been a big trend and are practical for the winter. You can have long, flowy hair while keeping your 4C hair nourished underneath. It is truly the best of both worlds and a go-to move this winter. The only downside is the cost, but with a little search you can find the perfect wig within your budget. Remember: a wig lasts forever.

3)    Crochet

I know this style is a little bit overdone lately, but crochet is still essential as a protective style since it’s versatile, easy, and quick. This hairstyle is so simple that you can do it yourself, and save money. Because of the decent price and easy install, crochet is definitely in during the cold months.

4)    Faux Locs

Every Black woman has thought about faux locs. They’re a non-stressful way to experience  dreadlocks look without the full commitment. This hairstyle is a bit more expensive, but it can last for months with proper care. Faux locs are such a chic look and worth experimenting with.

5)    Scarfs/Head Wrap

If you find yourself between protective styles this winter, don’t forget about the scarf. Trust me, it is so easy to just pop your hair into a head wrap and walk out the door. Depending on the print and size of the scarf, this wrap can add another dimension to your style.