Top 10 Spring Break Exercises That Won’t Even Feel Like Working Out

Photo by Debora Cardenas on Unsplash

With Spring Break coming up, all anyone can think about is fun in the sun. You’ve worked hard to prepare for this vacation, and it might be tempting to spend all day by the pool, soaking up sun. But, there are a lot of benefits to sticking with exercise on vacation. I spoke with Kevin Webb, an AAPT certified personal trainer, to get the lowdown on spring break workouts. He’s also the owner of KW Fitness, a personal training studio with two locations in Upstate New York.

So, what’s his exercise philosophy? Well, he tries to keep up a workout regiment while he’s traveling, and he recommends others do the same. “They might not have to do as much as normal on vacation but stay consistent,” he says. “Maybe it’s 15-20 minutes in the gym on vacation, instead of the normal 30-60.”

If you don’t have access to a gym, a bodyweight workout, either in your hotel room or outside, is just as good. Webb recommends keeping it short and focusing on multi-joint movements like squatting, pushups, and pullups. You could even just take a brisk sight-seeing walk. “It could just be getting up and stretching, just to wake up your muscles and get moving,” says Webb.

But, if you’re one of those people who really needs their vacation to be a time of relaxation, Webb says there’s nothing wrong with taking some time off. “Never push it. Some people need to have time away to relax and decompress. Just take the week off and get back to it after the vacation,” he recommends.

“Be as active as you can while on vacation, if that’s what you want your lifestyle to be,” Webb says. 

Need some inspiration for workouts you could do while on vacation? We have you covered.


Take advantage of the sunshine and go swimming! Swim laps in the pool or do some repetitions in the ocean.

Surf’s Up

You’ll have fun, learn a new skill, and get to enjoy the beach! Not to mention, the next day you’ll discover all the sore muscles you didn’t even know you had.


Dancing the night away with your girls can also be a form of exercise (or, find a local class to take if that’s more your speed!)

Photo by Harrison Moore on Unsplash
Photo by Harrison Moore on Unsplash

Snow sports

Headed somewhere snowy? Skiing and snowboarding are fantastic winter exercise options. Don’t have snow? Try sandboarding. It’s all the workout of snowboarding but none of the snow.

Paddle boarding

Ever try it with yoga?

Go Sight-seeing!

Want to do some exploring? Try to walk the scenic route. Feeling ambitious? Try running or biking it! Some cities even offer guided tours so you can walk, run, or bike while learning all about the city’s history.


All you need is a small space, your sneakers, and some jams. Need some workout ideas? Check out some of our favorite full-body workouts. Bonus if it’s beach hit. Have you ever tried beach burpees? Ouch!

Photo by Nick Bolton on Unsplash
Photo by Nick Bolton on Unsplash

Take a Hike

Climbing up mountains truly does wonders for your fitness goals.


A full body workout and cute water pics? Yes, please!


Beach volleyball, pool volleyball, or wherever you prefer. Grab some friends, find a net, and have some fun!