Fitness Friday: A Quick Full-Body Strength Workout

Winter break: a magical couple of weeks filled with food, friends, and stretchy pants. As much as we love the holidays, our waistline doesn’t. Indulgence can be good, but if you’re like us, constantly stuffing your face quickly becomes a bittersweet type of discomfort. Exercise might be the last thing on your mind, so here’s a fast and easy workout routine that you can fit into your break schedule (or in between meals).


Warm up:

Floor stretches

25 jumping jacks


Since you’ve probably been vegging for days, it’s time to shake those legs out.

–  15 traditional squats

–  15 forward lunges each side

–  15 curtsy lunges each side (Like a regular lunge, but your forward foot should step across your back leg when you lunge forward. Check out this example.)


We know you’re full, so do these slowly. Try to complete the whole set, as it will help jumpstart your digestive system. Plus, doing ab workouts slowly makes the moves more intense and strengthens your muscles more quickly.

–  30-second plank

–  20 slow traditional sit ups

–  20 slow bicycle crunches


Because shaking your gifts to see what’s inside doesn’t count as your arm workout for the day.

–  10 push-ups

–  10 push-up planks (Start in a plank with forearms flat on the ground, then push yourself up to push-up position one arm at a time. Lower yourself back onto your forearms (one arm at a time) and repeat.)


Work through the circuit 2 to 3 times and cool down with some floor stretches.


by Dylan Roman-Holba