Parties are forever, Syracuse isn’t

When you’re going to the same frat parties each weekend, it can get boring quick. There’s the same boys, similar friend groups, and either great or terrible DJ’s who pick bad remixes.

With over 30% of Syracuse University’s population affiliated with Greek Life, frat parties dominate the weekend nightlife. It is widely known that SU is a top party school thanks to Greek life and other social gatherings. However, there are other redeeming qualities to this university and area than just parties to spice up your college experience.

The Ark or The End

Who doesn’t love concerts and wouldn’t want to say they saw a potential headlining band in a basement party in college? Honestly, these venues are a great way to have a chill night out with friends listening to some underrated music. These spaces are a great way to meet new people and there is often a chance where you can actually mingle with the musicians on stage.

The Ark is located on Euclid Ave. while The End is located on the corner of Ackerman and Euclid Ave.

HBC Gifford Free Movie Nights

As a broke college student, the word free is the best thing ever. Almost every weekend, HBC plays an in-theater film or just-released film that most students might not have the time to go to the actual movie theater to see. Another great thing? You can bring snacks and whatever else you might want to.

HBC Gifford is located right on campus in Huntington Beard Crouse Hall.

The Westcott Theater/Westcott Street

A place that holds great entertainment, food and places to relax on any given day. The Westcott Theater has had great performers come to their small venue like Louis the Child.

Westcott Street has great places to eat that call to anyone’s cravings.

If you’re a coffee lover and need to get some work done late at night, even on the weekend, Recess Coffee brews their own coffee and is open until midnight every day. Westcott Street is only minutes from the main campus. A short walk, bus, or car ride away.

Armory Square

This up and coming spot is a super underrated part of Syracuse. There are some pretty great places to study and explore with friends. Two popular coffee shops are Cafe Kubal on Salina St. and Freedom of Espresso Walton Street. If you’re looking to shop, there are some fun small stores that hold a lot of personalities.

Another great place to hang out is Roji Teahouse where you can get a quick bite to eat and just lounge around with friends. Armory is full of untapped potential for a night out on the town with friends. It’s also a quick and free bus ride if you take the 443 Connective Corridor.

Frat parties will always be around, there are other places to explore and discover in the city of Syracuse. Go out on an adventure and see what works for you!