5 Female-Led Acts You Need To Know

In the age of Adele and Beyoncé, the success of female artists has reached an all-time high. However, with all the attention being given to the chart toppers, many promising musicians aren’t given a chance to shine. The five following female-fronted groups have set out to make their names known in the industry.



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Led by vocalist Kelly Zutrau, Brooklyn based group Wet have become a favorite of fans of the indie pop genre. They paved their way in the scene with the release of their self-titled EP, cementing their presence with emotional ballad “Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl” and upbeat love song “You’re the Best”. Wet successfully crosses genres, incorporating dream and synth pop with elements of alternative rock and R&B. Along with Zutrau’s earnest and heart-rending voice, their work communicates messages of love, lust, and loss. Their debut album Don’t You is out now.


Songs to Listen To: “Dreams”, “Weak”, “All the Ways”, “Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl”



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28-year-old Jillian Banks, often praised for her equal parts dark and melodic sound, rose to fame for her unique music which is reminiscent of hip hop, pop, and electronic music. She is a favorite of young girls and feminists due to her many girl power anthems, such as “Goddess” and “Fuck With Myself”. Her albums Goddess (2012) and The Altar (2016) employ an edgy and powerful tone; common themes include self-confidence and leaving abusive relationships. Banks’s music appeals to many audiences and multiple genres.


Songs to Listen To: “Brain”, “Beggin for Thread”, “Fuck With Myself”, “Gemini Feed”




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Joining the ranks of Kanye and Chance, rapper Noname adds to the list of eminent hip hop artists from the city of Chicago. Her self-released mixtape Telefone garnered great acclaim and attention from other hip hop artists and music critics. Before her debut, she made waves in the music scene with multiple features on Chance the Rapper tracks, including “Finish Line / Drown” on his Grammy-winning album Coloring Book. Her music highlights the struggles of black women and life growing up in Chicago; however, her style is poetic and passionate, drawing similarity to Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill. She also features many up and coming hip hop artists to add to her rhythmic sound, such as Atlanta-based rapper Raury and fellow Chicagoan Saba.


Songs to Listen To: “Diddy Bop”, “All I Need”, “Sunny Duet”


Oh Wonder

Brit duo Oh Wonder gained attention in late 2014 in an unusual way – they recorded and released a song every month for a year, beginning in September. These singles constituted their self-titled debut, which attracted many fans from all over the world. The group is composed of singers Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West; the fusion of Vander Gucht’s haunting voice and West’s soulful vocals creates a harmony that is unique and uncommon in other duos. Their music is often labeled as indie pop, but it also has traces of soul, electropop, and alternative rock.


Songs to Listen To: “Lose It”, “Drive”, “Body Gold”, “Technicolour Beat”



Guitar pop duo Sales is very individual and not like any other popular artists; however, their originality is what makes them so likable. Singer Lauren Morgan’s winding vocals weave through the acoustic guitar and accompanying synth beats, which creates a serene but rosy mood that is present throughout their songs. Their debut EP and LP – both named SALES – have an lazy, easygoing vibe, which has become popular among fans.


Songs to Listen To: “Chinese New Year”, “Mondays”, “Getting it On”, “Over”



By Shannon Stubbs