5 Halloween Costumes For When You’re Sick of “Sexy”

Courtesy of Brit + Co

With Halloween just around the corner, you’ve probably either had your costume planned for months or have zero idea what you’re going to do. Deciding what to wear is the hardest part of any occasion, but it’s especially so for this holiday in particular.

Halloween is an opportunity to show off your creativity and make fun of yourself a bit, but so many costume companies make it hard for women to feel like they can be what they want without the word ‘sexy’ tacked in front of it. By all means, if you want to be sexy, be sexy! Do you, boo. But if you’ve been having trouble deciding what to go as for Halloween and you just can’t find empowering, cute, seasonally appropriate options in stores, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of women-approved costumes:


  1. Eleven/Barb/Joyce/ from Stranger Things



Wonderfully spooky and totally 80s! Dressing up as one of these ladies from the hit series Stranger Things is a great idea that any Netflix lover will instantly love. Costume bonus: you probably won’t get hypothermia in a denim jacket and mom jeans. Check out this take on Eleven’s costume for inspiration!

  1. Ghostbusters

Whether or not you liked the recent remake of Ghostbusters with the all female cast, you’ve got to admit how badass they were. The jumpsuits and gear are super recognizable… and warm! If you’re going out with a squad, this is the perfect group costume for you and your friends. Use this Brit + Co tutorial for help.

  1. Joanne the Scammer

If you don’t know who Joanne is, please look it up. If you do, all you need is a blonde wig, a beard, and a faux fur coat. Easy enough! Now you’re ready to go scam the night—iconic.

  1. Snapchat Filter


Calling all makeup pros! Wear whatever you feel most comfortable in and let the makeup do the talking. Pick the dog filter (our go-to, let’s be real) and paint on a dog nose, slap on some dog-ears, and if you’re feeling artistic try painting on that iconic tongue (or cutting it out with paper or felt). Check out this tutorial for instructions.

  1. Pokemon Trainer

Whether you’re team Mystic, Instinct, or Valor, you can show the world your side by dressing up as the team leaders or your avatar from the game that just about everybody is hooked on. Try using makeup to make your features look more cartoonish. Check out this cosplay tutorial for inspiration!


Cover photo courtesy of Brit + Co

by Skyler Murry