5 Tips On How to Amp Up Your Personal Style

It’s so easy to get caught up in fashion trends. Styles come and go and then ultimately come back again—but what does that mean for your own personal style? One thing that we’ll see more of in 2017 is the focus on original style and pushing style boundaries in cool innovative ways rather than heavily relying on pieces that are “in” at the moment.

For some, it can be tricky to pin down what their style is, but it’s not something you necessarily need to find and categorize. It’s whatever you gravitate towards and feel the most you in. Fashion is a great medium to express yourself and your feelings, so you don’t have to limit it to one genre of clothing or another. As long as you have the confidence to wear what you want and how you want, then you’ll always look good.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when developing your personal style:

Basic Instructions

Start with basics. These pieces will be the backbone of your style. Everyone needs a couple of basic tees, quality jeans, or a go-to jacket. Personalize these things so they are tailored to your liking and can always be pieces you reach for. Accessories are also the perfect way to start individualizing your outfits and can introduce a signature piece to your look like a beret or big hoop earrings.

Steal Like an Artist

Nothing is original! Find your inspiration from whatever celebrity, instagrammer, blogger, model, designer, whoever and take what you like from their style. You will have your own individual take on what you copied from them, even if it’s down to the smallest detail. In the words of Pablo Picasso: “good artists copy; great artists steal.” The key is finding something that feels authentic to you.

Copy, Curate, Repeat

The oversaturation of media content that is present in the world today can have its upsides. There is so much stuff everywhere that inspiration can be found anywhere that you look. Whether it’s the font from a billboard or the backup dancers from a 90s music video–it’s everywhere. Curate according to the things that interest you like moods, fonts, and specific looks and pieces.

The Limit Does Not Exist

It is important not to ascribe yourself to a certain pre-made style like “bohemian” or “preppy” and then try to adhere to those style rules because then it may not be truly authentic to your taste. Limiting yourself to one type of style or pieces that define that style isn’t the way to go. People are so multi-dimensional that there’s no way you fit into one category so neither should your clothes. Try it all.

Are You Feelin’ It Now?

The most important tip is recognizing and abiding by how you feel in an outfit. Most of the time it isn’t what you’re wearing but how you’re wearing that affects others (if that’s something you’re concerned about). If an outfit makes you feel good, own it, and wear it forever! Try to recreate looks that make you feel good like that one outfit did before. Confidence is the cutest.



By Skyler Murry