Fitness Friday: 6 Things Better Than a Six-Pack

With every celebrity, model, and Joe Schmo flaunting their abs on Instagram, it can become seriously upsetting to catch a glimpse of our own fleshy midsections in the mirror. If you have a six-pack, major props to you. You’re a badass — that takes a lot of discipline. But whether or not you do bicycle crunches for fun, let’s not forget to appreciate the things in life besides working on chiseled stomach muscles.

  1. Chocolate Lava Cake

Of course, eating chocolate cake every day won’t help much if you’re trying to build your six-pack, but eating things you enjoy just because you enjoy them — and more importantly, because your body needs the noms — is one of the best things you can do. Whether you’re craving ice cream with rainbow sprinkles or just some delicious roasted veggies, try to remember that food is fuel and meant to be enjoyed.

  1. Stretch Marks

For some reason, celebrities never seem to have a single stretch mark on their bodies, and, sure, we’ve all dreamed of taking a Magic Eraser to our hips and thighs. But those pale lightning lines are works of art — they’re proof that you’ve grown both physically and as a whole human, and that’s something to be celebrated, not stressed over.

  1. Friendship

You definitely wouldn’t have all those memories with your girl squad if you had to spend every spare minute of your weekend grinding at the gym. And think about the things you love about your friends — it probably isn’t their toned calves or huge biceps. Take a minute to appreciate the things your friends love about you, too, rather than obsessing over your jiggly parts.

  1. Our Health

Remember that a six-pack isn’t necessarily synonymous with being healthy and you can be strong, fit, and love yourself without them. Being healthy is caring about your body enough to listen to it. Exercise should be something that makes your body feel good — endorphins are real, people — but it really isn’t worth slaving in the gym if it means hurting your health.

  1. Our Genes

Sometimes our DNA might be keeping us from shedding pounds or getting that “perfect body.” It’s easy to get frustrated when all of those ab workouts aren’t paying off the way we want, but remember that those same genes also make up the great things about you. Your shiny hair? Genes. That killer smile? Genes. That brother who’s kind of annoying, but you love anyway? Yeah, he’s got those genes, too.

  1. Love Handles

Ah yes, the relentless love handles. No matter how many burpees, lunges, or push-ups you endure, those suckers seem to stick around. They creep out from under your crop tops and peep over your low-rise jeans. But what’s so bad about them anyway? They’re great for hugging and cuddling and loving. After all, they’re called love handles for a reason, so try showing them some much-needed TLC.


by Katie Shafsky and Naomi Duttweiler