The Best Activewear Lines for Every Size and Budget

Most people can agree that looking good while working out is a great way to get motivated. I know I feel better in my neon pink sports bra and matching leggings than some old shorts and a t-shirt from the back of my closet.

Brands like Lululemon are a great buy—they have super stylish clothes and use high quality materials that last forever—but the price tag isn’t practical for everyone. For a lot of us, spending upwards of $80 on one pair of leggings is just not an option. Plus, many high-end brands cater to a very specific body type that just isn’t realistic for most of us. Based on quality, comfort, and style for all sizes, here are some great athletic brands that won’t drain your wallet.


 1. Target

Target wins at everything. The C9 Champion line has a really great selection of leggings starting at $24 and sports bras starting from $15. Sizes range from XS to XXL and the clothes aren’t designed for a specific body type, so anyone can look hot while working out without dropping major cash.

 2. Fabletics

This has seriously become my favorite workout line. On the brand’s website, you can buy an entire outfit (bra or top and leggings) for less than the price of one pair of leggings at almost any other stores. The materials they use are breathable, stretch nicely, and are super opaque. My favorite outfit is the Cyperus set. It has a metallic black rose print on the leggings and sports bra, and it’s only $60 for the complete set when you become a member.

 3. Forever 21

I used to hate walking into Forever 21—people flood the stores and with so many racks of clothes, it’s hard to know where to start. Here’s a pro tip: shop online. There’s a great assortment of workout clothes on their website and you can find all the latest trends in workout gear without spending a fortune. They have a variety of sizes and even a specific plus size activewear section. My favorite piece is the active crisscross-back jumpsuit. It’s a full workout jumpsuit, so I don’t have to adjust my top or pull up my leggings when I run, jump, or squat.

 4. CALIA by Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood recently launched her line of fitness gear and it’s definitely worth checking out. These products are a bit more expensive, but if you’re willing to spend a little more on activewear, this is the place to go. The bottoms have zip pockets that are perfect for when I want to go on a run with my keys, and they are seriously lightweight and warm. Sold at Dick’s Sporting Goods, the line is just as good and long-lasting as Lululemon and you’ll end up spending $20-30 less.


by Dylan Roman-Holba