8 Ways to Keep Up With Your Workouts Over Break

In the midst of a stressful week of finals, nothing sounds better than going home to a comfy bed and enjoying every bite of delicious homemade meals. In a few weeks, the pantry is going to be stuffed with holiday treats: chocolate, cookies, peppermint bark—you name it. But even with all those treats, your month off from school is the perfect time to get into a fitness routine. Don’t wait until the new year—start now so you can see results by the time January 1 rolls around.


  1. Exercise in the morning

You are far more likely to exercise when you wiped out from a whole day of holiday cheer. Plus, you’ll feel accomplished by 11 a.m., even if the only thing on the agenda for the rest of the day is a Netflix binge.

  1. No weights? No problem

For the days you can’t make it to the gym and don’t have the proper equipment to exercise at home, work what you’ve got. Using your bodyweight as resistance can be just as effective (and more convenient than) machines.

  1. Do less, but more often

The holidays get pretty busy with everyone prepping for parties and family gatherings, but if you plan to work out for just 30 minutes every day, you can fit a fitness routine into your busy holiday schedule.

  1. Check out your local rec center

You can often play indoor sports like basketball or volleyball, or try a yoga class at your local community center. Try getting your family involved to spend some quality time while getting a quality workout in. Take advantage of those “first time free” classes and guest passes, too.

  1. Workout during commercial breaks

Get off the couch during commercial breaks and do a set of 10 pushups. Too easy? Try a harder set in between Netflix episodes. You’ll be motivated to finish so you can watch the next episode!

  1. Find a fitness buddy

By planning to work out with a friend, you’re way more likely to stay accountable to a schedule because someone else is counting on you to make it to those morning workouts.

  1. Give yourself an incentive

One trip to the gym = one holiday cookie. Totally worth it and works like a charm.


by Sarah Basile