5 Ways to Conquer Your Fashion Fears

Everyone has that one thing in their closet that they’re too nervous to wear outside of their room. You saw it in the store, calling out to you from the rack, and it fit just right and looked SO good when you tried it on. You imagined all the different ways you could style it and all the places you could wear it. But now it’s been in your closet for months. “Did it really even look that good in the fitting room?” you ask yourself. As the doubt sets in, you put it right back in its spot where it will probably remain until you’re old and grey.

Dressing confidently, owning that one piece in your closet that was a little out of your comfort zone, or rocking a crazy trend can always be a little tricky at first. Do whatever you can to make yourself feel good about what you’re wearing because if you love it and it makes you feel good, there’s no doubt that you’ll look good. Here are some useful tips to help you rock your look:

  1. Ignore Your Inner Hater

Even the best of us have doubts and self-confidence issues. The first step in wearing the intimidating piece is loving the body you’re putting it on. Brush off the devil on your shoulder whispering into your ear that it doesn’t flatter or look as good as it would on Rihanna or Gigi. You don’t need to look like them to pull it off. Some advice I was given as I began my self-love journey was to look at yourself in the mirror (naked, in your underwear, fully-clothed, whatever) and tell yourself one thing you like about your body once a week. This will help you feel more comfortable in your skin and trust me, confidence is the best look no matter what you’re wearing.

  1. Fake It ‘Til You Make It

Now it’s time to actually put the piece on your body. Wear it in your room or around the house so you’re used to being in it. Avoid your inner hater by hyping yourself up so much until you actually start to believe it. Every time you begin to get down on yourself, clap back with “I look damn good,” “Could I be any cuter?” or “I’m really rocking this!” Complimentary comments can really help you trick yourself into believing you’re killing it. This is practically my life motto.

  1. Take a Hundred Selfies

Once you’re more comfortable with the look, take as many selfies as you possibly can. It’ll be easier to wear out in the real world if you’re used to seeing yourself in it. You’ll be able to plan out how you want to accessorize, wear your hair, and do your makeup. Taking selfies can help you imagine how it works with the rest of your closet and where you can wear it. Send your selfies to your BFF, too, to get more support and remind how fierce you look!

  1. Curate Your Look

Now you can start easing your way out into the world. Try creating outfits that include the item. Start by pairing it with basics and your favorite pieces that you love to wear. If it’s a shirt, layer a jacket over it or put a scarf on on top so it’s not the main focus. If it’s a skirt or shorts, start by wearing tights or knee-high socks with them.

  1. Just Do It!

Finally, get over how intimidating it looks sitting in your closet, put it on, and strut your stuff. You’ve got this, girl!


by Skyler Murry