Easy Makeup Looks to Try This Halloween

By: Jenna Cooper –

You have people who prefer Coke to Pepsi, books to TV, and cameras to polaroids.  You also have those who plan their Halloween costume ahead of time, and those who do not.

Halloween is only a few days away and there is a good chance that you’ve forgotten to plan an awesome costume for the weekend. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with three simple looks you can try out this year.

1. Cat (Woman)

We promise this isn’t your average cat costume. You may already have a pair of cat ears from Halloweens’ past and you can use them for this costume. But if you don’t, Amazon has a plenty of inexpensive cat ears to choose. For this costume, you’ll need cat ears, eyeliner (or black face paint) and a super simple all-black outfit.

Cat woman is notorious for her sexy black cat suit, and her even sexier mystic which comes from her mask. To emulate her look, use eyeliner to elongate your eye with a wing at the inner corner and at the edge of your eye to make them cat like. Then, using black face paint or the same eyeliner from before, draw the mask on your face, leaving open space by your eyes and eyebrows.

2. Rosie the Riveter

There has yet to be a costume more empowering than Rosie the Riveter. Luckily, this costume is super easy to put together. All you need is a red bandana, a blue long sleeve shirt, jeans and a nice red lip.

Grab a denim shirt, cuff the sleeves, and tie a red bandana around your head like a headband. This is the most important part of your costume so if nothing else, make sure you have your bandana. Lastly, put on your jeans and apply a red lip that makes you feel powerful, and you are ready to break through the glass ceiling and show the world just how powerful women are.

3. Boxer

This costume is probably one of the easiest ones yet. All you need is a pair of spandex, a sports bra or tank top, and a robe/kimono. Bonus points for wearing boxing gloves.

You can have fun with this costume and use purple, blue, red, and black eyeshadow to give yourself a black eye. Take the red and purple eyeshadows together and start blending them on the hallows of your eye, by your dark circles and your crease. Then continue to darken it using the black and the blue until you get the desired effect. If you want to go the extra mile, you can use eyeshadow and dark lipsticks to create face bruises and bloodied lips.