4 Inclusive Makeup Brands That Cater to All Skin Tones

This article appeared in the Spring 2018 issue of Equal Time Magazine

By: Shannon Stubbs –

I’ve used the same concealer my entire life: the bareMinerals Complete Coverage Serum Concealer in Dark to Deep. It’s a great concealer, but the sole reason I’ve stuck with it for so long is because it’s the only one that matches my skin perfectly. As someone who loves makeup and trying new products, it’s more than disappointing when emerging brands don’t cater to my complexion. It’s even worse when iconic brands still don’t have a diverse shade range.

Whether it’s the wrong undertone or a brand doesn’t have my shade, I’ve always struggled to find products that match my deep skin tone. In 2018, having shades that fit multiple skin tones is not only important, but considered necessary. Consumers are now sending the message that makeup should be for everyone, and these brands have heard them loud and clear.

Fenty Beauty

The release of Fenty Beauty, Rihanna’s self-titled makeup line, is what changed the conversation around diversity in the beauty industry. It initially caught everyone’s attention for the Pro Filt’r foundation, which comes in a range of 40 shades (something that’s usually unheard of). According to Rihanna on the line’s website, “Fenty Beauty was created for everyone: for women of all shades, personalities, attitudes, cultures, and races. I wanted everyone to feel included. That’s the real reason I made this line.” When the line dropped, people of color were relieved to finally see their skin tone represented in a luxury cosmetics brand. Social media blew up with comments and support for the brand, and the deepest colors flew off the shelves. The success of Fenty Beauty didn’t go unnoticed in the beauty world, with the industry finally realizing the importance of inclusive makeup.


Known for best embracing skin diversity long before it was considered necessary, bareMinerals is a veteran in the shade range game. When I first got into makeup in high school, my mom took me straight to the bareMinerals section of Ulta because she knew they would have products to match my skin tone. Their face products include over 15 shades, with the popular Bare Pro Liquid Foundation and Original Powder Foundation having 30 shades each. The website even includes a foundation shade finder to ensure that you find the perfect match. Aside from foundation and concealer, many of their other products cater to people of color—their Gen Nude collection is a line of blushes and lip products with the purpose of having nudes for everyone. When many brands say “nude,” the product is usually intended for those with lighter skin. This line, however, compliments even the deepest tones extremely well.


Even though Maybelline always had loyal customers, the brand gained even more followers with their Fit Me collection. Including a range of products intended to match every skin tone, it focuses on having enough options for people of color. The line incorporates all the necessary base makeup, such as liquid foundations, concealers, loose powders, and blush. The matte foundation, the most popular Fit Me product, comes in 32 shades and fits every skin texture as well.


Already popular for its cheap but high quality lipsticks, Colourpop further impressed the beauty world when it released the No Filter Concealer earlier last year. With an extremely diverse shade range that put many prominent brands to shame, the concealers are both full coverage and crease-proof, all while catering to every skin color. Along with its blushes, highlighters, and eyeshadow, the products all feature swatches on different skin tones, so it’s easy for customers to picture how shades will look on them—a godsend for someone who has to Google image search “dark skin swatch” for almost every product.