Kim Petras Serves Us Empowering Electro-Pop

By: Ashley Johnson –

Kim Petras is back and brings us sexy, synthy, scintillating pop. You’ve already listened to her slay it on Charli XCX’s Pop 2 banger “Unlock It,” so now get ready for a whole new level. With her sugary single “All the Time” coming out during Pride Month, we still can’t stop thinking about it (like all the time) a month later.

Not only has the German electro-pop artist dropped an anthem for the LGBTQIA+ community, but she may have also just dropped some new blaring bops for women around the world. While the trans singer-songwriter primarily had a fanbase within the LGBTQIA+ community, her music is certainly not bound to any one kind of narrative and is still very much universal. In an interview with HuffPost, she expressed that she “just hates the idea of using her own identity as a tool” and that “she doesn’t want people to flock to her due to her identity — she wants them to flock to her for her music.”

So, what else does the upcoming popstar want?… All her clothes designer and someone else to buy ‘em, that’s what! In her upbeat, ’80s-infused single, “I Don’t Want It At All”, the 25-year-old serves us the hymn of high-standards we never knew we wanted until now. While we reach a hedonistic high in this single, her other singles “Heart to Break” and “Hillside Boys” get even funkier, and are basically electrifying anthems for any woman who’s ever experienced love, or absolute infatuation with someone.

Check out the music video for “Heart to Break” here: 

The only singles that sonically deviate from the rest are “Hills” and “Slow It Down.” While the former exudes more of a “trap” vibe, the latter exudes more of a sensual vibe. So, single ladies, if you need a chill, carefree tune to jam out to and forget about your ex, “Hills” is for you, and, well, if you are trying to get down to other things…

Check out “Slow It Down” here:

(Just skip to 3:31 if you want to be wowed by the oh so sultry “whistle note”)

Petras hasn’t released an exact date for her upcoming album drop, but she has teased that it will be soon, so prepare your pretty ears!