The Most Important Things I’ve Learned in My First Month of Freshmen Year

It seems like just yesterday I was buying bedding and pencils and worrying about leaping into college life. Six weeks later, it’s safe to say I’m basically an expert. I mean, I’ve survived the worst part of freshmen year: adjusting. Can someone give me an award or something? Here’s my sage advice for other college freshmen on how to survive the rest of the year—from me, the expert.


Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there

This sounds cliché and is found in every teen magazine ever, but it really is true. People should get to know all of the amazing and unique traits that make you you (although you totally don’t have to share that one embarrassing night senior year that everyone talks about back home). No one is going to judge you for saying “hi” or joining a club you’re passionate about. They’ll actually probably admire you for being so bold. You’ll be the new Queen B. The ‘Yoncé of your residence hall for sure.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Everyone on campus has been in your clueless and confused (but still fabulous) shoes before. Upperclassmen may sometimes complain about freshmen, but they love having someone look up to them. Of course teachers are a wealth of knowledge, but they can be a little intimidating to talk to. Try talking with your TAs first if you don’t think you’re mentally/emotionally prepared to talk with your professors. Baby steps, y’all. Baby steps.

Find your personal study space

College is full of distractions. From friends to parties to clubs to food to occasional but exciting puppies, we barely have time to Insta, let alone actually do school. If you want to actually get some work done, find your own fortress of solitude—your Batcave, if you will—where you can hide from your friends and be productive. A quiet nook in the library, your favorite coffee shop, or even in the middle of the quad could work.

Always be kind

Finally and most importantly, please don’t be mean. Kindness will come to you if you spread kindness to each person you meet. Yes, this even applies to teachers who grade you harshly or that guy who took the last donut in the dining hall. The next four years may seem like a lifetime, but they are going to fly by much more quickly than you think. Spreading kindness is a guaranteed way to find friends, confidence, new opportunities, happy relationships, and more.  


by Allie Lewandowski