Paris Fashion Week Brings 80s Style to the SS17 Runway

Fashion has always reflected society. Today, the world is shifting towards gender equality and the rise of feminine power. Designers of this season’s Paris Fashion Week brought back women’s fashion from the 1980s to the runway.  The bigger, bulkier fashion items that characterized 80s fashion represented power and strength for women. Here are three retro statement looks Paris Fashion Week brought into SS17.

   1. The Eighties Shoulder

Oversized shoulder pads were an essential element of women’s tops in the 80s. Celine, Isabel Marant, Lanvin, and Balenciaga were among the labels that brought back the extra-large top and skinny bottom silhouettes. 


   2. Oversized Accessories  

Accessorizing in the 80s was all about having a distinctive element—bigger was better! Givenchy incorporated a collection full of chunky necklaces. Chanel, Balmain, and Loewe reconstructed the choker with thicker and bolder jewelry. To complete the full 80s look, French designer Jacquemus packed on the drama with oversized circle ring belts. 


   3. The Biker Look 

If the 1980s were all about making a bold statement, there was no better way to do it than suiting up in a leather biker jacket. Saint Laurent brought back the look with mini leather cocktail dresses and metallic ruffles. Asymmetrical cuts and off-the-shoulder silhouettes powered these throwback styles into modern-day couture. 


by Jane Lee