7 Vegan Fashion Brands That Will Help You Help the Planet

By: Sarah Felbin –

Living a vegan lifestyle extends beyond specific eating habits. Vegans strive to promote animal welfare everywhere, including in what they wear. Vegan fashion has recently increased in popularity and we found seven vegan fashion brands that all carry exclusively garments and accessories made without animal products.


This vegan business sells a variety of boots, bags, wallets, and belts, all made out of faux leather. Started by Erica and Sara Kubersky in 2001, MooShoes has two locations: one in New York City and one in Los Angeles. Purchases can also be made through the MooShoes website. The company takes advantage of the versatility of faux leather to create products, particularly shoes, that keep up with constantly shifting style trends. Whether a high heeled combat boot or a buckle sandal, MooShoes offers your perfect shoe at a reasonable price. And as if it was not enough to be cruelty-free in product production, MooShoes locations are also home to a plethora of rescued cats.

Westland Jewelry

What started as Melissa Minney’s desire to protect the earth resulted in a handcrafted jewelry company. Westland Jewelry, a PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) certified business, uses 100 percent recycled materials such as old jewelry parts or hardware to produce its accessories. This vegan brand uses either lab grown or fair-trade diamonds and gemstones. No animal related products such as bone, silk, shell, or coral are used in any stage of the jewelry assemblage. Some of Westland Jewelry’s current feature items include bangle or cuff bracelets and pinch rings.

Urban Originals

Urban Originals, a seller of vegan leather handbags, emphasizes the motto “Choose Kindness.” Like all vegan brands, Urban Originals strongly supports environmental protection. Product designs originate in Turkey and are manufactured in China where the factories are consistently evaluated to make sure everything is running ethically. Each backpack, wallet, and handbag comes in a variety of colors and is the perfect addition to any outfit.


Trench coats, bomber, aviator, or biker jackets — you name it, James&Co has it. The business started in 2012 with a focus on sustainability and the belief that women can live ethically and compassionately while still dressing in style. After the founder’s son, James, passed away, the company was inspired to follow the idea of “Live Life and Love It.” James&Co focuses on new techniques, including fabric made from pineapple leaves, to remain as eco-friendly as possible. All products are available online, with new styles constantly being added. The company has also made an effort to support mental health by donating 5 percent of every sale to organizations working to reduce suicide rates and communicate knowledge about mental health issues.

Cri de Coeur

Cri de Coeur, a French expression, translates to “a cry from the heart.” The brand believes the phrase represents its desire to transform the footwear and accessory markets in an eco-friendly way. The company’s collections are entirely made of vegan materials, whether it be a fabric of recycled plastics called Ultrasuede or organic cotton and hemp. Their products are contemporary, boho-chic, and are available for purchase online. A black fringe tote bag, bright blue stilettos, and chunky black zippered booties are among this week’s most popular items.


Wawwa, another vegan fashion brand, began with an idea of changing the way people approach what they wear. The company uses organic water to produce T-shirts, a process that reduces 91 percent of the water other brands typically use. Recently, Wawwa discovered they could make a fabric with entirely recycled materials, 40 percent of which included plastic from the sea. Customers can purchase hats, T-shirts, or hoodies from the Wawwa website. Everything comes in a variety of neutral colors at an affordable price.

Brave GentleMan

The vegan fashion market may seem to be overrun by eco-friendly heels, faux leather wallets, and sustainable handbags for women, but the men have not been forgotten. Brave GentleMan, the first vegan lifestyle menswear brand in the world, started in 2010. The company’s website states that rather than call buyers “customers,” they prefer to use the term “investors.” Brave GentleMan chooses to recognize that its investors believe in and understand the methodology of ethical fashion. Products include dress shoes, suits, outerwear jackets, and an assortment of ties and belts. All are welcome to visit either the Brave GentleMan website or the storefront in Brooklyn, New York to decide if they would like to be an “investor” in this vegan fashion brand.