Your Checklist to Survive the Chill

By: Jenna Wirth –

With winter rapidly approaching, everyone is eager to wear their cute, new sweaters and bundle up. However, as the white snow rapidly becomes repulsive black mush, that excitement won’t last long. Winter in Syracuse can feel never-ending. Here are some must-haves to help you endure this winter season.


Everybody knows the feeling. You’re in an exam and can feel everyone’s eyes boring into you for your incessant sniffling. Store a travel size pack of tissuesin your purse and backpack. You can skip the strangling paranoia that everyone is silently judging your case of the sniffles.

Healing Ointment

Hinder the crippling, dry cold from cracking and irritating your skin. Keep an on-the-go size of Aquaphor to keep your lips soft and hands smooth. Your skin will feel rejuvenated and baby soft all winter long.


Stay warm as you stumble through Walnut Park. Invest in a “party jacket”to keep from becoming entirely numb in the Syracuse cold. The last thing you want is to forget your overpriced, warm winter jacket at a party, or have someone puke all over it.

Insulated Water Bottle

Nothing like a steaming hot cup of coffee to thwart the bitter temperatures and keep you caffeinated. Unfortunately, those biting winds can zap the heat out of your drink. Tote an  insulated, durable bottle to all your classes and keep your beverage hot all day long.

Flannel Sheets

Snuggle into the coziest bed sheets with a cup of tea or hot chocolate and indulge in some Netflix. Sleep better with these soft flannel sheets that will keep you toasty warm throughout the winter. Nights of shivering and shaking from the piercing cold are no more.