Casual Chic: Rocking Athleisure on Any Budget

By: Jordana Levy

Athleisure: the trend for all. For the girl who HATES the gym, but loves the relaxed feel of gym clothes, or the girl who LOVES hitting the gym so frequently, she rarely changes out of her gym clothes, this a trend that any girl can master.

Athleisure promotes versatility and comfortability, while still helping you keep a semblance of effortless style when you’re on the go.  It affords flexibility to the college student that needs to walk around in gym clothes all day until they can fit that workout into their jam-packed schedule. All of this, without judgment from others. How about those days with the dreaded 8 a.m. class? You can’t deal with wearing jeans, but you still want to look fashionable, so athleisure is the best of both worlds!

However, athleisure has one fatal flaw. If you go shopping for any popular brand like Lululemon or Bandier, you’ll notice how expensive it is. It’s disappointing and frustrating as a college student, when funds ARE NOT unlimited, to justify spending upwards of $100 on a pair of leggings!

Fortunately, Equal Time is here to help you out! With stores like H&M and Gap, who noticed the high prices and took action, you can master the art of athleisure without breaking your bank account.

At H&M, you can find an assortment of cute clothing that ranges from $20-$60, so you don’t have to sacrifice style for price. GapFit, Gap’s fitness apparel line, is one of the most comprehensive lower-end fitness brands in the industry. On The Gap’s website, you can filter the clothing by activity, so you can see what outfit is best for your weekly barre class or for the days you need to make time to sneak in a workout. Pair these leggings with this strappy black sports bra and this eye catching tank for a look that’ll take you straight from the gym to class. Did I mention that the whole outfit retails for only $75?



Even if you aren’t planning on hitting the gym anytime soon, these looks will have you looking sporty chic and comfortable all day long!

And, for the girl who loves designer labels but hates designer prices, there’s always the sale and clearance section of your favorite brands, where you can find great prices for some of the hottest clothing. This way you can treat yourself without breaking your bank account.

If price is no object, there are plenty of high-end brands that offer an amazing sport to street outfit from head to toe. High-end athleisure, like Lululemon or Athleta, are the brands most recognized. However, if you are looking for leggings that not everyone else has, but are high-end and stylish, look at brands like Lilybod and Varley. Lilybod leggings are super comfortable and their iconic stripe designs are flattering on every body type.

On the other hand, Varley’s clothing is known for its distinctive patterns that manage to be powerful but not overbearing, as seen here on Shay Mitchell.

No matter what your budget or your exercise of choice, we’re here to tell you that the athleisure trend is accessible for anyone and is not going away any time soon.