To Chop or Not To Chop?

We’ve all had that bad hair day where it seems like the only option is to grab the scissors for drastic measures. Or maybe you’re just ready to try something new! Is “new year, new you” still applicable two months into the new year? Either way, here are some tips to try and think about before taking the leap.

1. Do Your Research

Have you been stalking an amazing instagrammer with killer bangs and the perfect fringed layers (Hello, @ingridnilsen)? Before you head straight to the salon chair, do your research. Find clear photos of exactly what you want to show your hairstylist. Experiment with pinning your hair up or down to get an idea of how you would look. You can also ask a hair guru how to adapt your dream cut to fit your face shape. An unflattering haircut may seem like the end of the world, but remember, it will grow again.

2. Maintenance

Instagram has become a rainbow of artfully dyed hair. Hairstylists have perfected the art of neon and pastel colors so they look completely natural, but remember, because these colors are wild, it can be harder to maintain. Besides often having to return to the salon to get it done, you may need to take extra steps to preserve your bold new do. Before taking the leap talk to your stylist about products and treatments will help maintain the color.  These can be costly but worth it!

3. Healthy Hair

We all wish we could rock a different hairstyle every weekend (maybe we should try a wig?), but our hair would hate us. Whenever debating a new style, remember that just like you skin, body, etc, your hair needs to be taken care of to remain healthy. Your hair is not going cooperate if it’s not taken care of (just like pets and boys tbh). If you’re obsessed with making changes give your hair a break and let those natural tendrils loose!

4. Personal Preference

Best friends are always there to share a painfully (emphasis on painfully)  honest opinion with you. We’re all definitely thankful for talking us out of buying a neon fanny pack, but you’re the one who has to live with your hairstyle. Put your opinion first! On the same spectrum, even when your favorite magazine ranks your hair as “last season”, it is okay to keep rocking it. If you want to chop it, dye it, or let it wild, do it!



By Allie Lewandowski