4 “Food Baby”-Proof Outfits for Thanksgiving Dinner

There is one day where family and food take center stage: Thanksgiving. Everybody gathers together around the dinner table and has a grand feast—one that always leaves the waistbands of our pants feeling a little tighter than before we sat down. Although people will probably remember the food more than what you wore to dinner, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear a super cute outfit. But don’t let the fear of a “food baby” hold you back either. Here is a list of clothes that will keep you looking flawless even after Thanksgiving dinner.


Oversized sweater

An oversized sweater is the perfect thing to wear if you need to unbutton your pants in the middle of dinner—nobody will even notice! You could probably even get away with not wearing a bra, too, if you’re feeling the freedom.


Leggings are the perfect alternative to skinny jeans, especially when you’re about to eat half your weight in mashed potatoes. They’re stretchy and go with everything. I’m so glad we’ve moved past this whole hating-leggings-as-pants ordeal because, honestly, who has the patience for jeans every day?

Flowy Dress

A flowy, dress will hide everything. It’s one of the most flattering pieces for pigging out. A dress is the best option when you want to look put together effortlessly. Plus, a less form-fitting smock will make sure not to expose your newly formed food baby bump.

Low Rise or Baggy Jeans

Low cut jeans won’t sit right on your tum and baggy jeans will give it some room to breathe. Boyfriend jeans or loose-fitting mom jeans are great choices if you don’t plan to hold back on that mac and cheese (and turkey and green beans and stuffing).


by Skyler Murry