5 Fall Fun Activities for Thanksgiving Break

Finally it’s Thanksgiving break and all we want to do is curl up in bed and binge watch all of the Netflix we haven’t had time to watch during the semester. It seems like the best way to spend break is by doing nothing at all (Bed+Netflix=Love). But remember Thanksgiving break is just a quick week before the long struggle to finals, so why not spend it doing something fun? Here are five alternative things to do over break instead of vegging on the couch.


Get outside

In most areas it’s still nice enough to get outside and experience the great fall weather, plus get some Insta-worthy pics. It can seem like the only time you get outside at school is when you’re running between classes, so why not take a breather and appreciate Mother Earth. Go on a hike, see the ocean, explore a forest, and enjoy the Great Outdoors!

Black Friday shopping

What’s better than spending a whole and then heading out to try on clothes? This is a great opportunity to start your Christmas shopping (even if it’s for you to #treatyoself) without blowing a ton of cash. Plus, waking up at 3 a.m. and fighting with crazy families in Target really puts you in the holiday mood and is an experience you can’t miss. Go with your gal pals to make some late-night memories.

Go to a football game or parade

What’s more American and Thanksgiving than fall football? Gather up your friends, put on a cute fall outfit (more Instas?), and cheer for your team. If there isn’t a big football game in your area this week, see if there’s a parade or other Thanksgiving event you can attend. So many people skip Thanksgiving on the way to Christmas (we hear you, stores playing Christmas music) that we forget how cozy and fun this holiday can be!

Hit up your high school best friends

Although not all of you may be home, this is the perfect time to relive your glory days of high school. Listen to some #TBT jams and reminisce while hitting all your high school hot spots. Even though you may live hundreds of miles away now, it will be a fun chance to take a trip down memory lane (but without having to stay there—thank goodness).

Try a Pinterest recipe

This is the perfect season to whip up some fresh baked goods or decadent snacks. The best part of it is that there will be plenty of taste testers available, plus you don’t have to feel bad about ruining the recipe because you didn’t have to buy the ingredients, amiright? It will be even more special to cook with your fam—that’s what Thanksgiving is all about, after all.


by Allie Lewandowski