Gift Guide: Our Top 7 Picks for the Fitness Freak in Your Life

Looking for the perfect gift for your favorite fitness junkie this holiday season? Check out these eight items perfect for hitting the gym or the streets!


  1. S’well Water Bottle

This water bottle is perfect for working out because it can keep drinks cold for 24 hours. The gym can get pretty dang hot, so having a drink of your ice-cold water will help keep you cool and hydrated while you work out.

  1. Wireless Earbuds

No need to worry about tangling that annoying cord when you run or your earbuds staying in place no matter where you put your phone during your squat routine. Looking to spoil your #fitspo friend? Some pairs of wireless headphones cost up to $200, but you can also get a decent pair for as low as $25.

  1. Manduka Sling

Yoga mats can be bulky and hard to carry, but this sling—which straps onto your favorite piece of gear—allows you to easily slide it over your shoulder. Plus, it keeps it rolled up nicely, meaning your yogi BFF won’t have to worry about the mat unrolling on her way to the studio.

  1. Touchscreen Running Gloves

For the girl who won’t give up running outside, these gloves will let her switch the song on your playlist without stopping to take off those thick mittens mid-run. Most importantly, they’ll keep her hands warm, and with some styles starting as low as $22, they’ll keep your wallet stuffed and warm, too.

  1. Adidas miCoach Watch

Part of Adidas’ line of training gear, this watch syncs to your phone to give you voice feedback and a personalized workout training plan, plus a heart-rate monitor, GPS, and MP3 player. Who wouldn’t love a virtual trainer to guide them through their workout from start to finish? If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative (and are willing to skip the personal training part), check out styles from FitBit or Garmin.

  1. All-Weather Socks

Whether you’re working out in the middle of the dead-hot summer or freezing your butt off walking to the gym in the winter, these socks will absorb your sweat while keeping your feet nice and toasty. They’re perfect all year ‘round and your fitness freak besties will appreciate fresh-smelling feet.

  1. Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad

Dip this towel in some water and voila! It automatically becomes damp and cool, making it perfect for those intense workouts when your face feels so hot and sweaty that not even the jumbo fan can cool it down.


by Sarah Basile