5 Ways to Take a Break from Finals

Hooray for finals season!—said no one ever. It’s crunch time for classes which means due dates on due dates on due dates. It can be easy to get overwhelmed by those heavy workloads, but don’t fret, dear reader, I am here to help. Here are five ways to de-stress and take a break from the end-of-year pressure.


Go for a Run

Seriously. Even if you typically don’t like to exercise, a 10-15 minute jog is all you need to clear your mind and get outside. Plus, once you’re out there, you can get some artsy af pics for the ‘gram and show everyone how sporty you are. Queue up that Beyoncé workout playlist and get to #werk.

Read a Book

For those against running (me), grab a book and enjoy the last of the mildly pleasant weather. This is a great time to start that new novel you’ve been so curious about—i.e. finally starting The Girl On the Train because it’s SO #trendy to read the book after seeing the movie, right? Just remember to bring a scrunchie because nothing’s worse than getting really into the story, only to have your hair whipping across your face until you can’t see.

Grab a Coffee

For the gorgeous red cup designs this year (insert heart eye emoji)! Either go alone—so you can people watch, contemplate life, or stalk your crush—or go with friends. It’s always a great excuse to catch up with those you haven’t seen all week. And by “catch up” I definitely mean discussing some serious celebrity gossip (Kim K has returned, y’all) or the latest episode of American Horror Story.

Have a Game Night

This may take some extra planning, but DON’T PANIC. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. Just find 4-6 (or more) friends to play a few rounds of UNO or Apples to Apples. Feeling cheeky? Then I definitely suggest Cards Against Humanity. DISCLAIMER: the author of this article is not responsible for broken friendships over competitive card games.

Try Something New

Take your mind off finals pressure by doing something you’ve always wanted to try. This can be painting, ballroom dancing, cooking, etc.—anything to focus your energies on an activity meant to be pure fun. Bring along some friends and you’re bound to make great memories that will last longer than the stress from any schoolwork will.


Obviously, don’t completely neglect your studies because your GPA will be less-than-stellar. But, thanks to very complex scientific studies, we know that mindlessly staring at your work doesn’t help you absorb any of it either. Remember, 30 minutes of focused studying is way better than hours of distracted procrastination any time. Pausing to take breaks throughout your study sessions may actually help you snatch that A.


by Amber Cannale