The Top Outerwear Trends for Fall

Fall has arrived! Despite the joy of changing leaves and pumpkin spice everything, the temperatures are dropping a little bit everyday to remind us of the impending winter. The best way to avoid the seasonal depression that inevitably comes at this time of the year is to stock up on stylish outerwear. Luckily, we’ve got your personal guide to all of the hottest outerwear trends this season.


This season’s ‘it’ jacket is a twist on an old classic. From embroidered bombers to the classic quilt, a bomber is the perfect in-between-seasons jacket. Put yourself out there by trying a pastel pink or metallic colored bomber to spice up your outfit this fall.

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Oversized Denim

Lately denim has been out on a reunion tour: from boyfriend jeans, to denim skirts, to jackets. One of the most stylish denim trends this season is the oversized jacket. Whether it’s fur-lined or acid washed, denim is the way to go this season. Not only are they versatile and easy, but denim jackets are also the perfect canvas to express yourselfspruce it up with patches or pins to add some personality.

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Military Jackets

A military jacket certainly isn’t new this fall, but it’s a classic that’s worth keeping around seasons after season. To really shake up the traditional army green military jacket, try playing around with a khaki or camo version.

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Oversized Chunky Scarves

Let’s be real, we all know scarves are the greatest accessories out there. Every girl squeals in excitement when scarf season comes around and this season it’s all about the chunky knit. If you thought scarves were cozy before, this season we’re talking about scarves that double as blankets. Ditch the loud pattern and choose a neutral in order to get the most versatility out of your chunky knit.

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Fur scarves, fur vests, fur jacketsbasically anything furry is IN (faux fur, of course).

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Pom Pom Baseball Caps

Get rid of the beanie and get on board with this season’s hat: a sleek baseball cap dressed up with cute pom poms! Pom pom baseball caps are the trend that hides bedhead away playfully. Never again will a bad hair day be a drag.

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by Madison Paddock