What’s On Our Watchlist for Fall

Fall is the season of all seasons to Netflix and chill. Television shows have just started their new seasons and classic movie marathons are being played all day e’eryday. We’ve made a list of the top 5 things to watch this Fall—and don’t worry, we’ve included something for everyone. So, grab those cozy blankets and pumpkin spice lattes and get to binge-watching. Because really, who needs to study at such a magical time of year?


When Harry Met Sally

This rom-com has everything you could possibly want in a fall flick: romance and comedy (duh), and a totally-by-chance-but-destined-to-be-together-forever meetup in a bookstore. Just in time for cuffing season, it follows two characters—Harry and Sally (surprise!)—as they walk the line between staying friends and becoming something more. Attention, boyfriends: don’t be stubborn. Give this film a chance—I promise you’ll laugh out loud.

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

For anyone who loves a classic family fall movie, this one’s for you. This television special is short (only about 25 minutes), but it’s definitely the fastest way to get into the autumn spirit. It opens with pumpkin picking, leaf raking, and football playing. Good grief—if that doesn’t scream “fall” to you, I don’t know what will.

Hocus Pocus

Where my 90’s babies at? This film is as much of an autumn necessity as it is a cultural mecca for millennials everywhere. The Disney original tells the story of three witches trying to wreak havoc on Halloween night in Salem, Massachusetts (ironic, amiright?), while a teenager and special black cat try to stop them. It’s hysterical and nostalgic with a dash of Halloween fun. I mean, come on—they fly on vacuums. Doesn’t that peak your interest?

Gone Girl

This movie is great for fall because it’s not your typical horror film. It’s actually terrifying because it could easily be reality. A seemingly normal couple’s world is turned on its head after a series of horrifying events. Also, Neil Patrick Harris is there. I won’t give any spoilers, but there are countless twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat (or bed—wherever you choose to watch) the entire time.

American Horror Story

American Horror Story has built up the reputation of being television’s best horror/drama series. High-level production and intricate plotlines are major reasons this franchise has become so successful. That, and the fact that it’s effing TERRIFYING. I’d definitely say this series even tops some Hollywood-grade horror films. If your heart isn’t racing or you’re not screaming by the end of an episode, check your pulse.

Scream Queens

The second television series on our list takes an entirely different form than the previous FX hit. There are plenty of jump-scares to keep you hooked, but what makes this show unique is the satirical tone used throughout the season. Basically: yes, a mysterious masked murderer in a devil costume killing all your friends would be scary, but also, like, what’s scarier is the fact that my sorority doesn’t want me to be president anymore??? Essentially, it will make you yell, then laugh, then yell again. Plus, Season 2 features Taylor Lautner as Dr. Cassidy Cascade, so you know your inner pre-teen self will love it.

Now, brb while I grab some popcorn (do they have a pumpkin spice flavor?) and get into the autumn mood with these fun fall flicks.


by Amber Cannale