Our Top 4 Pieces to Brighten Up Your Winter Wardrobe

It’s dark. It’s cold. It’s bleak. It’s winter.

Just like the weather, our wardrobes start to become dreary and bland as the season changes from the vibrant and golden autumn to a dull and gray winter that seems everlasting. We replace our bright pants and and colorful tops with black tights and neutral everything. It can get boring!

All black everything is always cute, but it’s not the best for keeping morale high in the blah weather. So how do we say F.U. to the winter blues (blacks, greys, and browns)? By incorporating some color in our wardrobes this season! If you find yourself in a monochromatic rut and can’t wait for the warmth and brightness of spring, add some color to your look. It’ll automatically lift your spirits and help you make it through the season.


The first (and most obvious) place to start is with your coat! You’ll most likely be wearing one all day everyday, so pick one in a cool, crazy color that will easily inject some cheer into your life.


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Now underneath that coat, go for a loud sweater with a graphic or interesting pattern. Or layer a pastel or jewel toned turtleneck under a more basic sweater or sweatshirt for a nice pop.


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The easiest (and definitely most affordable) way to liven up your outfit this winter is with some hosiery. Tights and socks come in every color and pattern imaginable and are super cheap!


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Lastly: shoes! Look past all the black and brown Chelsea booties and go for a jazzier, more fun option. Killer shoes can make anybody’s day brighter.

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by Skyler Murry